We’re Not Just Thai Massage

You’re probably used to a more “asian experience” than you’ll find here. While most therapists are Thai, we also have non-Thai therapists too. That’s because we have different standards and education requirements for such services as Neuromuscular, Stretching, and Taping/Graston therapies.

Before Treatment

If you are a first time client, we need to know more about you, so you need to complete our Intake Form.  It's a five minute process and it’s necessary for us to understand any medical issues.  Massage is very invasive and any physical malady may cause contraindications that could be detrimental to your health.  The Therapist will then review your information before we begin treatment.  This helps us determine how to fine tune your particular treatment.

Try an Enhancement (50% off)

As a first time client, we want you to experience all we have to offer, so you can pick as any of our enhancements as you want at 50% off on your first visit.  These are great treatments, like Hot Stones, Hot Bamboo Rolling, Dynamic Cupping, CBD Treatments, Biofreeze, and more. 

About Our Rooms

After your intake and interview, you’re ready to enter your own private Thai Room (or Massage Table Room for some therapies). You can request a traditional Thai gown if you desire.  Or just dress down to your underclothes and cover yourself. No naked bodies please! Our rooms are custom shaped with raised floors, special wide heated mats and bars above. The special size is purposeful to allow our therapists to use the walls for leverage.

During Treatment

When the Therapist returns, he or she is clear what type of treatment to deliver and how to modify it to meet your needs.  Throughout the treatment you will be asked about pressure etc. to make sure we are not too deep or too light.  Some pain is good with certain types of therapy but always let us know what you are feeling.    

After Treatment

After your treatment is complete, the therapist usually will meet you in the reception area and may show you some after-treatment exercises or suggest using any products that you can use on your own.  Self treatment is a good way to maintain the benefits of our type of massage.  After each session, the Therapist will make notes in your intake record.  We use these to track your progress and also if you wish to contact your insurance carrier, we can supply them this information for reimbursement.